Topic: ‘Blasphemy and Other Restrictions on Freedom of Religion and Speech’

European Court of Human Rights Verdict Will Exacerbate Religious Conflict

With Jacob Rudenstrand.

Blasphemy Returns as a Political Weapon in Indonesia

When Blasphemy Runs Amok

Indonesia’s Blasphemy Conviction Threatens Muslim Democracy. But I Still Have Hope.

In Jakarta, a Key Test of Tolerance Looms for the Muslim World

Tolerating Blasphemy: Lessons from An Indonesian Election

The Thought Police

An extended, 7,000 word, and thoughtful review of Silenced. The essay was selected by New York Times columnist David Brooks for one of his annual “Sidney Awards” for the most informative columns of the year. See David Brooks, “The Sidney Wards: Part 2,” The New York Times, December 28, 2012. Read Article Here.

The State Department vs Free Speech

With Nina Shea.

Exporting Blasphemy Restrictions: The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the United Nations

Blasphemy in Pakistan

In The Media

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