Topic: ‘Contemporary Persecution of Christians’

“Religious Freedom” in Christianity in East and Southeast Asia

I received a notice that this has been published but there will be no copies in North America for a few months and I can give more information then. It is part of a multivolume world survey of Christianity that it likely to be a standard work.

Baylor Professor Assesses the Main Factors in Christian Persecution

An interview on why the persecution of Christians is often downplayed.

Middle East Christians need our protection

Review of Persecuted

Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians

Co-authored with Nina Shea and Lela Gilbert. It is currently the most comprehensive account of the contemporary persecution of Christians.

Christian Pastor Faces Death Sentence in Iran

The Ongoing Attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christians

Massacre at the Millennium

Guess What’s Missing

Faith Under Fire

Not Free to Believe

In The Media

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Paul Marshall
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